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Connecting people with possibilities


Connecting People with Possibilities

About Bridgewell

Bridgewell strengthens communities by providing an unmatched range of social and human services that empower people with life challenges to live safe, self-directed and productive lives. Bridgewell delivers support through community housing, day programs, outpatient treatment, recovery services, as well as education and employment training.

We’re committed to helping people in need, from those with autism to people with substance use disorders, become engaged members of their communities. Bridgewell is also the industry leader in developing innovative offerings in response to unmet or emerging needs. Reach out to us to see how you can get involved today.

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Road to Citizenship: Samon

Samon Kong, a native of Cambodia, has been a resident of Bridgewell's Pathfinder program since March 2019. 

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Lisa has been sober for over a year. For close to 20 years, she struggled with substance use and was in and out of the court system.

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Lois, who lives in a Bridgewell residence and attends Bridgewell’s Kelly J. Martin Center in Lynn, has always loved creating art.

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Team Bridgewell

Affiliated with the Massachusetts Chapter of Special Olympics, Bridgewell has had hundreds of athletes participate for over 40 years.

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