Community Partnerships

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Employee Assistance Program

Employees are an employer’s greatest asset and the key to its success. We are committed to helping employers maintain a work environment that encourages their employees to maximize their career potential. This service is designed to assist company personnel and their families in finding solutions to personal or work-related problems. To learn more about how your company can engage these services, call 877-514-5760.

Community Care Partners

As a member of MassHealth’s Community Care Partners, Bridgewell offers community-based care coordination services. Bridgewell’s Care Coordinators meet with people to identify goals to live healthy and independent lives. We will help you become more empowered and confident when making health care choices.


• care planning and referrals leading up to a hospital stay, detox admission, residential placement and more;
• after-care planning and referrals following a hospital stay, transition from detox, residential placements and other levels of care;
• communication among prescribers for medication management;
• with helping you keep and regain MassHealth coverage.

• resources for food, utility and transitional assistance;
• local community, religious or social services;
• pathways to recovery including both clinical and holistic approaches.

• with medical professionals and other care providers to provide full circle of care;
• services in your home; such as home health care, food services and transportation to and from hospital stays and medical appointments.

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