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When Leagh and her daughter Mia moved into Bridgewell’s Lotus House, she was scared, nervous and didn’t know if she wanted to be there or how to be a mom. Through the support and guidance of Bridgewell case managers and staff, she built her confidence to make her realize – she can do this!

“I know my daughter needs me,” said Leagh. “That really gave me the motivation to get healthy and get better, so I can be the best mom I can be for her.”

As he was turning 22 and aging out of educational services, Zack’s parents wanted a safe place for him to live and grow. He moved into a Bridgewell residence and he attends a Bridgewell day program – and not only is he safe, he’s thriving.

Zack has developed new skills and gained more independence. With the support of his house manager, Cody, he’s going grocery shopping, doing chores around the house and helping to cook meals.



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