Employee Portal Help

Employee Portal (OKTA) Help

One password for everything!

The portal allows you to login with one username and password to then access all the software you need with the click of a button.  This is called Single Sign On (SSO.)  Some software requires you to record your username and password first in order to have single sign on.  We have included a couple of videos below to show you how to setup your portal.  The quick reference guide is also available on the right side of this page.

How to Record Your Passwords – This video covers finding the portal, logging in with MFA (multi-factor authentication), how to record your username and password in an application, and finally how to move the buttons around to customize the layout of your portal.

How to Setup MFA – There are three options for multi-factor we offer at Bridgewell.  You only need to use one but we recommend setting up two.  This video covers the two we recommend everyone to setup which are (1) using SMS Authentication to send a code via text message to your phone and (2) setting up a challenge question of your choice.


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