An Open Letter to the Bridgewell Staff

Published: June 5, 2020


June 5, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As the leader of an organization that is built upon a foundation of inclusivity, diversity, equality and respect, I want to acknowledge the pain and suffering that is being felt by many of our staff members and the people in our care.

The events of the last two weeks have, once again, exposed the deep seeded racism that exists within our society and shaken our community and country. Like all of you, as I watched the video of what happened to Mr. Floyd, I was disgusted, saddened and angry. The inequality and injustice that is imbedded in our society is a disease that needs to be removed from the soul of this country.

During the past two weeks, I have felt many things, including anger and sadness, as I think of the level of discrimination and hurt experienced by so many. And I have truthfully struggled to process everything. I know my feelings but I cannot begin to understand how Mr. Floyd’s senseless death and the experience of ongoing societal racism is impacting many of our own Bridgewell staff. I do not know the feeling of nervousness when approached by a police officer, or what it’s like to be discriminated against due to the color of my skin.

I know that many of you feel anxious and not heard. It is difficult to separate the outside world and our world here at Bridgewell. In our world at Bridgewell, we are agents of change for the individuals we serve. We stand together to make sure that they are heard, treated fairly, equally and with respect. We now need to ensure that same commitment to our employees in the outside world. We will stand as one against inequality and injustice. We are a strong community and we are even stronger when we have one voice.

Over the coming days, weeks and months, I encourage us all to commit to being the change we wish to see in the world. To encourage open, honest and inclusive dialogue. To listen to each other and help amplify the movement of change. To respect one another and celebrate the wealth of diversity we have at Bridgewell. To create a community where we stand stronger together, as one.

With sincerest gratitude,


Christopher Tuttle
President and CEO

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