April 20 – Phone Script from CEO

Published: April 20, 2020

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Hello Bridgewell Parents & Guardians. I am Christopher Tuttle President & CEO and today is Monday, April 20.

As of this morning, we have eleven people in our services who are currently positive and one who has recovered. Everyone is doing well and recuperating. We currently have 39 staff who are positive and five people who have recovered and are returning to work. We have an additional 13 people who will be able to return to work later this week. I will continue to keep you updated.

Last week, all state employees who work in homes that care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities received a 5 or 10 dollar per hour “hazard pay” increase for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. However, there was no “hazard pay” allocated for the staff of community providers like Bridgewell. While we are grateful for the other financial stabilization measures offered by the state so far, without hazard pay, Bridgewell and our staff will suffer.

I need your help to tell Governor Baker to rectify this pay disparity. The Arc of Mass has created an online form that will send a letter to the Governor on your behalf. The link to the form is on Bridgewell’s website in the COVID-19 section. I ask that you please reach out to the Governor today to have your voice heard for equal pay for equal work.

COVID-19: Take Advocacy One Step Further on Hazard Pay for DSPs

Thank you in advance with your participation. The next recording will be posted on Thursday, April 23 by noon. Be well.

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