Bridgewell Attends the Big Top!

Published: May 7, 2015


On April 22, twenty-one residents and staff from five different homes attended the Shriner’s Circus in Wilmington. To organize such an outing is quite the endeavor! But, staff worked together – the programs shared program 5 vans to accommodate wheelchair bound residents and all staff worked together to make sure everyone was safe and happy.

A big thank you to all the staff for making this excursion possible, especially program directors:

  • Svetlana Husidic, Chandler Street
  • Jess Damron, Columbia Park
  • Patrick Mose, Graniteville Rd
  • Maria Vega, Hildreth Street
  • Julie Goodwin, Whitegate Rd
  • Vincent Van Der Linden, Residential Supervisor

Before the show, the group was able to take photos with clowns and one resident was even able to ride a camel!  Everyone loved the show, especially Carrie who said she “had not laughed this hard in a long time” and Elaine who “was really happy to be there and had a really good time.”

Without the dedication of staff, group outings like this would not be possible! It takes a whole team to coordinate logistic and make sure every member of the group is safe and comfortable.
Krystal Bousnakis, Columbia Park, Jess Damron Columbia Park PD, Cindy L. Columbia park APD, Carrie Shaw Chandler Street Elaine Wrobel Hildreth

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