Fall 2023 Leadership Training

Published: December 4, 2023


Bridgewell’s Training Department has been offering a Leadership Skills Training to managers, supervisors, and directors for over 25 years. This fall, another group of managers completed the course.

Known as “Sups Skills,” this course has been organized and facilitated by our Assistant Director of Training Gary LaPierre, Staff Developers and a panel of Senior Leaders. The participants attended informative, interactive, and fun-filled sessions. Topics covered: “Go Supervise Yourself”, “Employee Relations”, “The Art of Supervision”, “Team Building”, “Supervisor’s Workshop with the Panel”, and “Reward & Motivation Celebration!”

The group had a great time getting to know each other, networking, sharing ideas, problem solving and working as a team!

Amy Sutton, Residential Manager
Kelsey Crosby, Residential Manager
Jean Pierre, Residential Manager
Brenda Buckley, Residential Manager
Nadege Aguy, Residential Manager
Melinda McCaul, Employee Relations and Performance Management Manager
Joy Vigeant, Residential Manager
Niraby Arias, Residential Manager
Nebiu Cody Yonas, Residential Manager
Joshua Marcus, Day Program Supervisor
Elizabeth Chan, Day Program Supervisor

Pictures include, defining a good leader, teambuilding (which included creating a spaghetti tower), and a group photo.

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