Fitness Friendzy Stars and Gordon College

Published: December 17, 2012


At the end of November, members of the Lynnway Day Habilitation program went to Gordon College for the “Fitness Friendzy” video debut!

Students from Dr. Val Gin’s class, Recreation and Leisure for Individuals with Special Needs, met with the Lynnway individuals over the past semester to create a dance and exercise video that will assist with making exercise fun! Over the past semester, various individuals were filmed dancing to songs of their choice.

Pictured above: Upon arrival, the group posed for a photo with the tie-dye shirts that the individuals made with the students.

The group headed to Gordon College and was greeted at the Barrington Theatre with thunderous applause!

In the Barrington Theatre, the students had put stars on the back of the seats and we were all treated as we were stars at the Oscars. What a blast! Each individual was introduced and cheered for like superstars. The video was screened by all and it’s amazing!

After all this fun, we all were able to eat with the students in the cafeteria. The Gordon Students independently raised money to provide a great cupcake snack and gifts for all to take home. It was a wonderful experience that the individuals are still raving about to this day.

To date, Bridgewell has participated in four events with this class. The Gordon College students are always compassionate and energetic while working with individuals in Bridgewell’s services!

We are looking forward to continuing this partnership!

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