Keeling Road Open House

Published: May 26, 2011


Bridgewell residents Augustina, Chester, Nancy and Terri opened up their home to family, friends, neighbors, Bridgewell staff and public officials on May 19, 2011. Guests met the residents and program staff, toured the home and even spent a little time on the porch when the sun peeked out.

Bridgewell was able to complete this project by working collaboratively with both private contractors and government entities to expand housing opportunities. Funds were provided by the state’s Department of Developmental Services for start up of the project and for ongoing services. The Georgetown-based construction firm of Caruso & McGovern along with their vendors and sub-contractors constituted the team that designed and built the home to meet the residents’ specific needs. This is the seventh home that Caruso & McGovern has built for Bridgewell. Steve Caruso and Jerry McGovern of Caruso and McGovern stopped by to see the finished product.

Front row, left to right: Bridgewell residents Chester, Terri, Nancy and Augustina
Back row, left to right: Bridgewell Staff Moffat Muranga, Rosemarie Johnson, Dayina Noel, Lauren Malloy, Imene Mehu, Adeline Slocum

The house is a fully accessible single-family ranch with five bedrooms and an oversized garage to permit easy van access. The structure has been designed to blend into a lovely neighborhood and is fitted out to meet a high level of medical and equipment needs. In addition to the specialty supplies and floor treatments, bathrooms and kitchens have appliances and fixtures of custom size and height, able to meet a variety of needs. The home is also equipped with a generator to cover any power lapses that could affect the ability to support medical equipment. This specialized design and construction allows people who would otherwise be confined to a nursing home to live in their own home in the community.

The home on Keeling road provided two of the residents with the opportunity to move from nursing homes to their own brand new, beautiful home. Another resident comes from hospital and long-term care setting and is now able to remain in the community rather than be transferred to an institutional setting.

“There’s a vast difference between life in a large nursing home and living in your own home with your own bedroom and privacy. Our residents direct their own schedules, menus and activities are able to enjoy much more that life has to offer given the higher staff ratio. The individuals all received customized care and are able to access the community for recreational activities both in small groups and one-on-one activities.  It’s a remarkably different quality of life,” explained Bonnie Smarsh, Bridgewell’s Director of Residential Services.

“When individuals move here, they develop close relationships with the staff, who become very familiar with the intricacies of their care, needs and desires. They enjoy a more homelike atmosphere, where they can spend their entire life.  It’s their home for good,” she added.

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