May 4 – Phone Script from CEO

Published: May 4, 2020

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Hello Bridgewell Parents & Guardians. I am Christopher Tuttle President & CEO and today is Monday, May 4.

As of this morning, we currently have 22 staff and 21 people in our services positive with COVID-19. These numbers continue to fluctuate daily as new test results come in and people finish their 14 day quarantine. I anticipate we will continue to have peaks and valleys over the next few weeks.

On Saturday, Bridgewell hosted a mobile testing site for the Department of Developmental Services at the Kelly J. Martin Center in Lynn. More than a 100 Bridgewell staff and staff from other providers were able to be tested.

This week Bridgewell will be forming several internal committees. One committee will discuss the logistics of re-opening day programs, when we are allowed to by the Department of Public Health. Other committees will discuss what the new normal for program operations will be during this ongoing crisis. As final plans are developed, I will share that information with you.

The next recording will be posted on Thursday, May 7 by noon. As always, be well and be safe.

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