Rosewood Drive Open House

Published: May 2, 2013


On April 25, 2013, Bridgewell held an open house at our new Rosewood Drive Day Habilitation program.


Pictured: Connor shows his mother his classroom and recent projects.

It was a wonderful event!  Throughout the afternoon, staff, families and guardians, officials from DDS, public officials toured the new facility, met individuals we serve and learned more about the unique programming and design that went into creating Rosewood Drive.

megpix-042513-7404A special thank you to Representative Ted Speliotis (pictured below) for stopping by and sharing a few remarks on the program.

Rosewood Drive is a specialized day program to meet the unique needs of younger adults with autism who are transitioning from the educational system to adult services. Located in Danvers, Rosewood Drive offers 16,000 square feet of custom-designed space to meet the unique needs of this population. Bridgewell has incorporated specialized elements including but not limited to acoustics and tactile design known to reduce anxiety and excessive stimuli to allow individuals to feel most comfortable in this environment.

Click here to learn more about Rosewood Drive!

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