Treasurer Steve Grossman Visits Bridgewell

Published: August 8, 2013



Last month, Massachusetts Treasurer Steve Grossman visited Boston Street to learn more about Bridgewell.

Pictured: Bridgewell President & CEO Bob Stearns, Assistant Director Katherine O’Sullivan with Treasurer Steve Grossman and Day Services Supervisor Victoria Jasper.


He toured the Boston Street Day Habilitation Center and learned more about Employments Supports and Day Services.

Pictured: Brian pictured with Treasurer Grossman explains the work board schedule and talked about the business partners we work with, such as Gordon College, Meals on Wheels and other local companies.

Thank you Treasurer Grossman for visiting!




Pictured Top to Bottom: Jim, Bill and Linda meet Treasurer Grossman as he tours through the Boston Street Day Habilitation Center.

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