Unity Weekend at Bridgewell’s Women’s Program, Johnson Street

Published: August 4, 2020

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Once a month, Bridgewell’s Women’s Program, Johnson Street holds a weekend unity event of fun, self-care and team building activities to celebrate the women’s sobriety and to work on their relational skills with one another. Staff is actively involved in creating a theme, planning the events, facilitating the activities and actively participating throughout the weekend. With COVID-19 restrictions, they have had to be creative with new ideas for in house activities and keeping everyone’s spirit up.

July’s unity weekend theme was aloha. Aloha is the essence of being. Aloha means living in harmony with the people and land around you. At its core, aloha means to love and everything that comes along with it: sympathy, kindness, compassion and mercy. It means spreading joy and understanding through small acts of goodness. Living with aloha is a daily reminder to better ourselves and the world around us and to treat others with respect.

The themed activities included door decorating; movie nights; yoga; unity games; self-care activities, such as facial masks and nails and introspective discussions on the theme. Each person took the time to decorate their door and created aloha flowers that had words to represent themselves and how they could practice the aloha lifestyle. Once completed they placed their flower on their door.

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