Drug Diversion Program

group posing for a photo at the essex district attorneys office

Drug Diversion is an outpatient, voluntary and treatment-based program offered through all of the Massachusetts’ Essex County District Courts. Referred through the District Attorney’s Office, this program is designed for non-violent offenders of all ages, who have been arrested/summonsed to court for substance use related charges or any charge that might warrant treatment and support rather than jail time.

Participants are actively involved in treatment that embraces multiple pathways of recovery including intensive weekly case management. Bridgewell staff provides support, advocates on client’s behalf, coordinates treatment and acts as a liaison between treatment providers and the office of the Essex County District Attorney. After a minimum of six months of compliance, wellness and sobriety, graduating participants can expect charges to not appear on the record if entering the program in the pre-arraignment process. A client who enters the program in post-arraignment and graduates, the charge will be dismissed.

Access & Treatment
Enrollment begins with a clinical assessment to identify individual treatment needs, as well as address immediate safety needs: detox, psychiatric evaluation, an unsafe environment, etc. The Drug Diversion Program seeks to support people achieve goals of sobriety, recovery and wellness. Upon completion, clients can expect to have their needs of housing, employment and behavioral health treatment addressed and the proper referrals completed.

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