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Bridgewell supports people with treatment programs at the first steps of recovery to long-term recovery at an outpatient clinic in Lynn as well as meeting people in emergency departments immediately after an overdose occurs. Bridgewell takes a person-centered approach in its delivery of services.

Outpatient Clinic

At Bridgewell Counseling Services in Lynn and Lowell, Bridgewell’s dedicate team offers evaluation services as well as individual, couples, family, and group counseling for adults and adolescents, as well as case management support and recovery coaching. These clinics provide Medication Assisted Treatment and structured Clozaril programs for those in early recovery.

Recovery Coaches

In an effort to provide new opportunities to engage and treat overdose patients with substance use disorders, Bridgewell and North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) have teamed up to provide recovery coaches to every person treated for an overdose in the emergency room at NSMC Union Hospital in Lynn and NSMC in Salem.

Bridgewell’s Recovery Coaches provide round-the-clock emergency response services. NSMC staff call Bridgewell’s recovery coaches as soon as an overdose case appears at the hospital. The recovery coaches establish a relationship with the overdose patient immediately in the hospital and begin discussions about options for treatment. All recovery coaches complete a state certification and training process.