Emergency & Planned Respite

Bridgewell’s Emergency and Planned Respite program is designed for people with intellectual, developmental, psychiatric and physical disabilities who are in need of crisis stabilization or who have arranged for a planned stay.

People who arrive as emergency placements receive a myriad of services to help them stabilize. The services focus on individualized treatment planning and support to enable the person to return to his or her home as quickly as possible.

The planned respite service is available for families to utilize for respite stays for their family members. This enables caretakers to have a well-deserved rest or vacation while knowing that their loved one will be well cared for by our specially trained staff.

Around-the-clock, well-trained direct care staff members at respite sites provide support and assistance in many areas including medication management, healthcare coordination, financial management, therapy services, activities of daily living support and social and recreational activities.

All referrals to the program come from the Department of Developmental Services.


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