Imagine the Knitting Possibilities!

At Bridgewell’s Imagine the Possibilities Gala in 2022, keynote speaker Maureen O’Connell mentioned how her daughter Annie, who benefits from multiple Bridgewell services, is an avid knitter.

Annie learned to knit when she was 12 years old, in sixth grade – it kept her busy and relaxed, and she still very much enjoys it today. In fact, since learning the craft, Annie has made hundreds of scarves for relatives, friends, and even new acquaintances she meets out and about in the community. She also makes knit stuffed animals for babies.

During the gala, emcee Katie Thompson chatted with Maureen about this passion of Annie’s – and Katie recently was surprised by the gift of two scarves from Annie, as well as a cute hand-knit stuffed animal for her daughter Brynn!




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