Virtual Live – Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships in Behavioral Health – Ethical and Risk Management Challenges

Virtual Live Workshop

Behavioral health professionals frequently encounter complex ethical challenges involving boundaries and dual relationships. Examples include proper management of confidential and private information when practitioners live and work in small or rural communities; navigating practitioner self-disclosure; managing friendships and social contact with current and former clients; managing favors, gifts, and invitations; hiring of former clients; and...

Virtual Live – Understanding the Special Education Process: Identification, Assessment and Eligibility

Virtual Live Workshop

Throughout the child and adolescent years, a child’s development can be impacted by a variety of social, emotional, developmental, and environmental factures.  Depending on the nature and severity of the impact on a child’s development; teachers, special educators and mental health professionals will have a role in ensuring that the child is being provided with...

Virtual Live – ADHD Current Research Innovations, Controversies, and Areas in Need of Further Study

Virtual Live Workshop

Contemporary approaches to supporting individuals with ADHD will be presented and reviewed. Specific areas of impairment, long-term outcomes, evidence-based interventions and supports, and current areas of controversy and additional study will be reviewed. Specifically the webinar will review how children and adolescents with ADHD have considerable difficulty with experiencing success across settings, as the core...

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