Job Profiles

One thing you will hear time and again from our employees is their desire to make a difference – to have an impact in the work they do. They want to, help solve problems, add value to the organization as a whole and enjoy the work they are doing. At Bridgewell, all of this is possible. Our employees provide quality innovative support to people with intellectual, developmental, psychiatric and physical disabilities. There is no doubt the work we do can be challenging, but it is also extremely rewarding.

Want to know which role might be the best fit for you? Here are descriptions of some of our positions:

Direct Support Professional

Direct Support Professionals (DSP) provide support and assistance to people in residential and day programs, and guide them in skills training related to activities of daily living. Creating opportunities for them to make decisions, enabling them to develop problem solving skills and fostering greater independence are just some of what DSPs do. They also use Bridgewell vans to bring people to medical appointments as well as coordinate recreational activities. Employees working in our residences provide support with grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking—everything necessary in independent living within a home environment. They also administer medications under the Medication Administration Plan (MAP) and assist with people’s medical needs. Medication Administration Training is provided.

This position may be a great introduction to a career in human services. Many of our DSPs are promoted into Assistant Program Director and Program Director roles!


Driver/Aides wear two hats. They transport people safely to and from day programs in Bridgewell vans and also work with people on specific service plan objectives.  They monitor and record progress toward goals and also document medical data.

This position may be a great introduction to a career in human services. Many of our Driver/Aides are promoted into Service Manager or Assistant Program Director roles.

Developmental Specialist

Developmental Specialists implement and supervise training programs designed to meet each individual’s needs. They provide case management services to designated people and administer and interpret assessments to determine each person’s skill level on an annual basis. They also teach skills to individuals and small groups and develop adaptive equipment to ensure people attain their goals. They supervise the implementation of the day program service plan and maintain confidential records. Developmental Specialists support people in making decisions about their daily routine/activities and assure that people have access to communication with family, friends and significant others along with insuring they participate in community events, volunteer opportunities, visits to libraries and YMCA’s.

This position enhances and strengthens one’s experience in human services and many Developmental Specialists advance to Program Directors or take on more specialist roles in our autism and clinical programs.

Program Director

The Program Director (PD) oversees the daily operation of a residential home or day program. Program Directors are responsible for hiring, training and supervising their team and monitoring the medical and clinical needs of the people in their program. Program Directors collaborate with nursing staff and clinicians to support the needs of the people in a program, as well as families and service providers. The PD’s abilities as a leader create a positive work climate and cohesive team environment for their team and provide superb support to the people that live in Bridgewell residences. PDs promote the professional development of their team through coaching and mentoring and ensure their program is maintained to all regulatory standards.

This position may be a great stepping stone into more senior program management roles within Bridgewell.

Fee for Service Clinician

Bridgewell’s Fee for Service Clinicians provide individual, family and/or group psychotherapy and crisis intervention services to people with psychiatric and/or developmental disabilities in one of our four clinics. They complete diagnostic intakes, treatment plans, goals and objectives and progress notes for assigned caseloads. They also provide one-to-one counseling with clients and coordinate services with other clinical treatment team providers. As part of the clinical team, they participate in scheduled team and individual supervision meetings and maintain client records according to regulatory standards.

Bridgewell provides benefits to FFS clinicians at 25 hours, compensates for supervision time and reimburses travel expenses.

Relief and Per Diem Staff

Bridgewell is proud to have working for us more than 200 per diem and relief employees, who choose the hours and locations they wish to work at as their schedule allows. We welcome people that want to “try us” first, or those that want to maintain flexibility in their work schedule. Opportunities are available primarily in our residences, but also within our day programs. In addition, our electronic scheduling tool enables relief staff to receive text alerts and manage their work schedule directly from their phone.

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