Working at Bridgewell

Atmosphere and Energy at Bridgewell

You will find that our employees are dedicated to providing quality care in a fun and inclusive atmosphere when working with the people we support. Our employees bring energy, creative ideas and a real passion for service. The unique contribution of each of our employees is what drives our mission and Bridgewell is committed to providing an environment that recognizes our employees and fosters their growth and development.

Bridgewell is committed to helping people in need, from those with autism to people with substance use disorders, become engaged members of their communities.

We ensure that people receiving our services experience the best in care and personal support. We create an environment where our employees feel valued, included and celebrated. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are the foundation for all our programs.


Recognition is an important aspect of the employment experience at Bridgewell. Our goal is that recognition is not just a “corporate” event, but a part of a culture where all employees regularly show appreciation for each other. We encourage our staff to show pride in the work they do and support the needs of the people in our services. Bridgewell recognizes service milestones and hosts special events throughout the year that celebrate seasons, holidays and employee achievements.

Diversity and Inclusion

Bridgewell prides itself on the diversity of its workforce. We employ staff from many different geographic parts of the world, and also respect the differences between us in areas such as race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age and disability to name just a few. We recognize, celebrate and educate our dynamic workforce about these differences with the ultimate goal being to create a workplace where everyone treats others as they wish to be treated—with dignity and respect.

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Bridgewell offers students majoring in psychology, social work, nursing, occupational therapy and clinical disciplines the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while participating in our programs, enriching both the lives of the people we support, and gaining practical experience.  We also have internship opportunities in administrative areas such as human resources, finance, quality assurance and marketing. Our goal is to introduce students to the work we do and give them the knowledge and skills to apply to future roles.

Bridgewell collaborates with many colleges and universities, so we may already have a partnership with the school you are attending. If you are interested in exploring an internship experience with Bridgewell, please submit a cover letter, resume and information regarding your internship preference to:, or submit an online application.

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