Employment Support Services

bridgewell client working to sort food items

Bridgewell has successfully been providing vocational opportunities to people with intellectual, developmental, psychiatric and physical disabilities. We are able to provide tools and the support needed to help people gain employment and stay employed.

Employment Program

Bridgewell’s Employment Program works on employment skills, job placement and coaching services for adults with developmental disabilities including those with an autism spectrum disorder. Each person has a personalized career plan and goals based on interests and abilities.

Program Components and Concepts:

  • Participants have the opportunity to work in a group of their peers both on and off site as they develop skills and confidence for individual placement.
  • Staff provides support with personal care, nutrition and on-the-job training and transportation.
  • Employment specialists assist in all aspects of employment from start to finish including resume work, application and job coaching on site as needed.
  • Bridgewell staff provide career planning, behavioral support plans, and therapeutic expertise, which can assist in adapting work skills for each person’s needs.

Community Based Day Supports

Community Based Day Supports (CBDS) provides a variety of community and center-based experiences to develop and improve personal, social and life skills while focusing on employment. CBDS provides various pathways to employment by giving opportunities for career exploration and skill acquisition through community based volunteer opportunities and vocational opportunities.

Program Components and Concepts:

  • People may have volunteer opportunities; internships; exercise and wellness; skills training in money, computers and transportation.
  • Career exploration, job try-outs and other aspects designed to discover employment interests.
  • The program may also include the development of “soft skills” needed for jobs such as resume writing, on-line applications and interviewing skills.



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