Autism Services

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Bridgewell is a leader on the cutting-edge of autism services. We specialize in helping young adults that are transitioning from the educational system to adult services through day programs, community housing, outpatient treatment, education and employment training.

As diagnoses of autism continue to steadily rise in the U.S. and more young adults with autism are aging into the adult care system, Bridgewell is there to meet the demand. Over seven years ago, Bridgewell opened the first day habilitation program in MA’s northeast region specifically for young adults with autism.

In most of Bridgewell, there are specialized services designated for adults with autism, including community homes, individualized home support, day programs, employment support and crisis clinical services. Bridgewell takes a person-centered approach in its delivery of services. Bridgewell’s Family Support Center provides services to people and their families from diverse cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds including those who are supporting an individual with autism.

Bridgewell operates three Rosewood Day programs, two in Danvers and one in Billerica serving over 100 young adults with autism. We have 10 community residences for people with autism including the first hybrid autism – medically intensive supported home in MA.

Additionally, through Bridgewell’s Autism Services, residents and day program attendees receive comprehensive behavioral support services by experienced master’s level clinicians with specialization and certification in applied behavior analysis.  Behavior support services are tailored to the person’s specific need areas and are selected from a full range of evidence-based practices.

Behaviorists work closely with other clinical team members (occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech pathology) to ensure a collaborative and comprehensive approach to services, and to create an environment that facilitates growth and skill development.

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