2012 Safe Living Expo

Published: November 21, 2012


Earlier this month, more than 100 Bridgewell employees and families attended the Safe Living Expo held at the Holiday Inn in Peabody.

Each year, Bridgewell’s clinical team organizes a Safe Eating Expo, which focuses on adaptive technology for people with dysphasia, difficulty swallowing or increased risk for choking and aspiration. Attendees learn about how food is swallowed, which foods are safe or unsafe, blending options and thickening liquids as well as general practices to accommodate individuals who have difficulty eating.

This year, Bridgewell added a few new components to expand on safe eating and add other safety topics. Additional information on general safety, body mechanics and using lifts was provided. The general safety table discussed emergency preparedness and winter snow protocol. Bridgewell staff demonstrated the proper techniques to use your body to support someone with a disability.

Ernesto Pirrotta of Beacon Healthcare set up a Viking Lift, which is used at many Bridgewell programs, and offered hands-on demonstrations for staff and family members.

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Special Thank You:

Bridgewell Family Engagement Committee

Beacon Healthcare and Viking Lifts

Holiday Inn Peabody-Boston

Safe Eating Expo Staff:

Peggy Burnett

Susan Craven

Erica Forte

Shaina Gindes

Andrew Harlan

Pam Jordan

Genya Krigman

Carra-Lee Long

Katherine O’Sullivan

Patti Peterson

Frank Royce

Andrea Tascon

Amanda Tresback

Body Mechanics:

Karyn Carey

Safe Lifting:

Barbara White

General Safety:

Elaine White

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