2013 Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Recipient

Published: July 1, 2014


2013 Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Recipient:

Supervisor of Clinical Support Services Laurel Ciavarri received the inaugural Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Award. Pictured above: Laurel (center) with Rodger’s wife Justine and son Tyler Hebert.

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According to several nomination forms, Laurel continuously Displays Dignity & Respect by serving on the Human Rights Committee, Peer Review committee and CRT committee….all of which promotes respect and dignity for all individuals.  She uses a “non-judgmental approach when working with the individuals on Baltimore Street that has truly ushered them into a significantly higher quality of life, empowering them to use the skills she teaches them to become the women they want to be.”

She Goes Above & Beyond in so many ways.  Laurel is a coach with Bridgewell’s Track & Field Team for Special Olympics.  She is known to get to a residence at 6AM to assure that an individuals’ transportation plan is successful and will stay after work, and come in on personal days to accompany individuals on outings if she knows her “positive reinforcement” mantra will be enhanced.  She is the first to lend a hand to staff and is known to volunteer in what little time she has left to participate on new projects.

Examples of her focusing on the Specific Needs of Individuals’ include the work she has done at Rosewood, our new day hab for young adults with autism where behavioral plans are designed to best support the needs of each individual as they transition to adult services.  Another example is the progress she has made at Baltimore Street where she tailored an entire DBT therapy model to apply to each individual and trained each staff member to properly use that model.

To quote one of the nominating staff member ….“while never one to “shine a light” on herself, she is always quick to point out the positives in others, particularly those she supervises.  Most importantly, she is always quick to build upon the successes of all Bridgewell individuals and continues to lead by example.”

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