2019 Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Award

Published: June 20, 2019


Geoff Knowlton, Clinician at Bridgewell Counseling Services was the recipient of the Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Award. The award was named after a loyal and devoted Bridgewell employee who had spent his career supporting people with disabilities. The award is presented to an employee who demonstrates the qualities that most defined Rodger’s commitment to people with disabilities. In the nomination, it read Geoff believes strongly in helping clients empower themselves and works with them to find the tools to help them achieve their goals.

Although he provides counseling support to adults, he spends countless hours speaking with doctors, the Department of Children & Families,  foster care agencies, adoptive parents and schools to ensure the safety of children. He has developed therapeutic games for the children he supports to help them cope and heal and his office walls are covered with the drawings children have given him. Outside of therapy sessions, he consults with clinicians who are subpoenaed by the courts to teach them about the legal process and how to be an effective witness and has been named by the Lowell Juvenile Court as an expert witness.

Past Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Award Recipients:

  • Laurel Ciavarri, Supervisor of Clinical Support Services
  • Renee Heusser, Program Director, LADT
  • Kelly Hyland, Assistant Director of Quality Assurance
  • Wendy Kent, Director of Behavioral Health and Prevention Programs
  • Nancy Marticio, Director of Autism Services
  • Justine Rudgis, Residential Supervisor
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