2023 Champion Award

Published: December 11, 2023


Bridgewell is pleased to present the 2023 Champion Award to Matthew Rosa owner of Captain Pizza in Middleton.

“People like Rosa and places like Captain Pizza are champions because they recognize the potential in individuals with disabilities and give them the chance to work,” said Bridgewell President and CEO Christopher Tuttle. “What they quickly find out is that they have hired some of the most loyal, dedicated, capable workers around.”

“Bridgewell’s Employment Support program works with community business partners to match individuals with jobs they are interested in, like those in the restaurant industry,” said Darren Goad, Bridgewell’s Director of Employment and Community-Based Day Supports. “What really sets Captain Pizza apart is that Rosa has our individuals working side-by-side with other employees in the kitchen and behind the counter.  This business exemplifies inclusion.”

Since 2014, Bridgewell’s annual Champion Award has recognized outstanding community business partners that make the Employment Support program possible. Honorees are selected by employment program participants and staff based on the following criteria:

  • Community Business Partner – The nominee must be an employee of a contracted Community Business Partner or an employee of a company where an individual from the Employment Program is placed in individual job placement.
  • Goes Above and Beyond – The nominee displays the desire to do more than what is generally required in a role and makes a noticeable difference in the life of a person or our services.
  • Creates an Inclusive Environment – The nominee understands the importance of involving an individual served in the workplace culture and other social aspects of the workplace.

Congratulations, Rosa and Captain Pizza!

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