Bridgewell&#39s 2nd Annual Meet and Greet

Published: April 27, 2012


Bridgewell is committed to providing the people we serve with opportunities to achieve and enjoy their highest quality of life and personal growth.  Our commitment extends to their families and guardians by offering programs to best support them in their role.

On Wednesday, April 11, Bridgewell held its 2nd Annual Meet & Greet at the Bridgewell Headquarters in Lynnfield. More than 50 family members, guardians and staff attended to learn more about Bridgewell while also meeting other family members whose loved ones receive Bridgewell’s services.

This year, Bridgewell offered two specialized focus groups one on Accessing Services, which was facilitated by Director of Program Operations Laura McNamara, LISW, ACSW and another session, Caring for Care Givers, facilitated by Director of Health Care Jane Bell, RN. Families and guardians requested both topics through Family Engagement surveys.

Please click here to complete a survey if you are interested in other topics.

About half of the individuals at the Meet & Greet attended the Care for Care Givers session. Through guided imagery, deep breathing techniques and aromatherapy, participants identified stress points and learned the importance of self-care. Many participants were able to share that stress is present in their lives as they care for their family member. The session also provided recognition of Bridgewell’s wish to work closely with the families regarding the care of their family member. Before entering the session, Bridgewell nurses took the blood pressure of individuals and re-took it after participating – almost everyone’s blood pressure went down.

Guests left with more information about Bridgewell as well as other resource materials. Please check Bridgewell’s Family Engagement page for more information on events and resources.






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