Art Therapy at Great Art Studio in Lynn

Published: October 5, 2021


For the past few months, a small group of women from Bridgewell’s Women’s Program, Johnson Street, have been working with local artist Mary Flannery at her art studio, Great Art Studio for art therapy sessions. Through expressing themselves with art, the women hosted a small private art show on September 29 and plan to develop this into a larger recovery project for the community.

The women also presented an art piece they made as a thank you to Beverly Clarke, our VP of Recovery, Housing, and Community Supports – who worked with Mary to get this art therapy program started – in honor of her retirement last week.

During the art therapy sessions, each artist created a “bundle of hope” to bring with them and display in their new home once they complete treatment. This artwork will serve as a reminder of their art therapy sessions and experience with Great Art Studio as well as Bridgewell’s Women’s Program, Johnson Street.

Read more in the Daily Item.

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