Boston Street Employment Supports

Published: July 20, 2012


It was a fun afternoon for the Boston Street Employment Supports team! Rachel Deveau, who was featured in the latest issue of the Connector, took a break from work and had a signing party to celebrate her new fame!

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Since 2009, Rachel has worked at Petco, where she stocks shelves and cleans. She is very proud of her job and hard work.

She autographed copies of the article while snacks and refreshments were served – watermelon, cheese balls and root beer – her choice!

Bridgewell is very proud of its partnerships with community businesses like Petco. Other Employment Supports partners include Peabody Essex Museum, Gordon College, Strong Leather and more.

To learn more about Bridgewell’s Employment Supports program, contact Patti Kincman at 339-883-1700 or visit

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