Boston Street Center&#39s Holiday Show

Published: December 18, 2012


Early this December, more than 15 singers put on a Holiday Show at the Boston Street Center. Friends, employees, family and guardians attended and cheered on the singers.

The group has been practicing since August and the show included singing several holiday and winter themed songs. By working with Bridgewell’s deaf interpreter Virginia Vaught, the group signed several songs while singing. It was a great show and put everyone in the holiday spirit!

A very special thank you to former Bridgewell employee and volunteer Laurie Stevens for volunteering to organize the performance!

And a thank you to all the staff members who helped the production: Amanda Tresback, Amy Saunders, Ana Arias-Frias, Elizabeth Brenton and Nicole Puz.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Family  and friends came to watch and cheer on the singers.

Karini and Bernadette sing and sign a Christmas song.

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