Bridgewell Counseling Services Attends River Place Towers Resident Fair

Published: September 23, 2011


As part of ongoing marketing efforts, Bridgewell Counseling Services staff participated in the third annual River Place Towers Resident Fair this past month.

Left: Program Director Renee Heusser and Senior Administrative Assistant Iris Tricoche pose for a photo at Bridgewell’s booth.

Other exhibitors included Greater Lowell Health Alliance, Lowell Senior Center, Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Lowell and Lowell General Hospital to name a few. The fair is held to help Lowell residents connect with local provider organizations in the non-profit sector.

Among the most captivating exhibitors was Curious Creatures with their staff of professional exhibitors whose mission is to teach respect and appreciation for exotic and unusual animals. Renee enjoyed her time with a skunk, a scorpion, alligator and chinchilla! Who says work can’t be fun?

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