BCS Distinguished Speaker Series presents Dean Najarian, PharmD, BCPP

Published: September 21, 2012


As part of the Bridgewell Counseling Services Distinguished Speaker Series, Dr. Dean Najarian, PharmD, BCPP presented in September to an audience of close to 40 Bridgewell Counseling Services, Lowell Adult Day Treatment and greater Lowell mental health providers.

Pictured: Dr. Dean Najarian, PharmD, BCPP with Bridgewell’s Director of Clinical Services Mara Kirby.

Dr. Nagarian’s presentation, entitled, “A Needle in a Haystack: Long-acting Injectable Antipsychotics as a Patient Option,” focused on health care providers discussing all treatment options with clients including long-acting injectable anti-psychotic medications in place of daily oral treatment, where indicated.

This model represents a paradigm shift from the current thinking of some  US prescribers to use injectable anti-psychotic medication as a last resort in a client’s treatment rather than a treatment option earlier in the illness.

Dr. Najarian is the Principal Scientific Affairs Liaison for Janssen Scientific Affairs, and was previously the Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services, responsible for coordinating all clinical pharmacy activities for the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Corrections for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Comments from the Audience Include:

“He was excellent. He was able to present the material in such a way that it would be useful to all levels of client care, from psychiatrists to residential program personnel.”

“Great presenter who was successful in presenting the idea that other countries use injectables sooner to prevent early decompensation. It’s a cultural shift.”

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