Bridgewell Education & Recreation&#39s Catch of the Quarter: Jessica Crowley

Published: December 29, 2011


In addition to duties at her program, Assistant Program Director Jessica Crowley has been volunteering as an Assistant Track and Field Coach for Bridgewell’s Special Olympics program for the past two years.

She is dedicated to ensuring that all athletes are well conditioned, but most importantly having fun.

Jessica Crowley poses with Paula at a Bridgewell Recreation dance class at LeAnne Leslie’s School of Theatrical Dance.

The Education & Recreation Program has chosen Jessica as its Catch of the Quarter. Jessica has been the instructor in the jewelry making class as well as the memory board class.

Additionally, when Jessica attends any of our events or classes, she is readily available to assist in any way she can. She is an invaluable asset to not only the Education & Recreation program, but to her residential program and Bridgewell’s Special Olympic team. Her sense of humor and laid-back attitude make her a joy to work with.

Thank you, Jessica, for all your efforts!

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