Bridgewell Fathers’ Day Super Dad: Darren Goad

Published: June 15, 2022

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As a result of his sons’ participation in a community program that provides quality housing, day programs, and other services to people with intellectual, developmental, psychiatric, and physical disabilities, Darren Goad was inspired to find a career in human services. 

With his wife’s encouragement, Goad uses his experience as a father to navigate the human service field. “Family is the most important part of my life, so it would be impossible for me to do something else… It’s really all about my children. I got into this field to support them. It was just about me getting myself in the right place.”

He uses his compassion and own experience to provide services to others. “Fatherhood made a significant difference in my approach… Being a father of two children, who are nonverbal and reside at home… knowing the impact the individuals who worked with my children had on their life, I have to do the same,” Goad said. “As a parent of a disabled child, you can bring that unique perspective to that type of support you offer.”

“My experience with my sons led me to recognize the value that human service organizations, such as Bridgewell, can provide [people in their care],” Goad explained. “We do everything we can to enrich the lives of the people we serve, from people with autism to people with substance use disorders. Through our work, we connect people with possibilities, just as my sons were able to.”

Through his role at Bridgewell, Darren helps those in his care find jobs that interest them and fit their skill set. As highlighted in a recent Boston Globe article, he helped a Bridgewell client find a unique opportunity at Peabody’s Create and Escape. 

“With Bridgewell, I have the opportunity to be a part of a community that has successfully provided vocational opportunities to people with intellectual, developmental, psychiatric, and physical disabilities. We are able to assist people in securing employment – enabling them to interact with people in their community and be proud of helping others,” Goad added.  “I am very fortunate that I love my job and that it serves such a vital part of my life.”

To work in human services and the nonprofit world, you need to have your heart in the mission,” Chris Tuttle, Bridgewell CEO and President shared. “Many of our employees have personal connections to the Bridgewell mission and the people we serve, including Darren. We’re honored to have him as part of our team and celebrate fathers like him on this special day.”

“He was a hero not only for his own children, but also for the countless clients he helped at Bridgewell.”

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