Bridgewell Gives Back

Published: May 9, 2011


Bridgewell Residents Held a Bake Sale to Help Local Animal Shelter

Bridgewell residents in Dracut volunteered at the Lowell Humane Society last month. Ron, Evelyn, Anna and Brenda along with Program Director Maria Vega, Assistant Program Director Samantha Tevepaugh and their families and friends set up a bake sale to raise money for the animal shelter.

The residents and staff members baked cookies, brownies, lemon squares and rice crispy treats. Along with staff, the residents baked, packaged and created price tags for the sale.

They raised more than $200 dollars in just two hours, and donated the funds to the shelter for food, blankets, vaccination shots and more. It was a wonderful day, and residents were able to enjoy some tasty goodies and pet and play with the animals.

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