Bridgewell Snow Stories!

Published: February 21, 2013


Nemo - 2013Throughout a blizzard, Bridgewell – with more than 90 programs in 19 communities – has to keep up with a lot of snow removal and secure the safety of individuals we serve.

In weather-emergencies such as Blizzard Nemo, we rely on the dedication of our staff and kindness of neighbors and friends to protect the individuals in our care.

Here are two snow stories from earlier this month!

Baltimore Street Staff Members Take Charge

With snow shovels in hand, Bridgewell staff Wilderson Georges and Charlie Rucker are pictured clearing snow throughout the storm.

Wilderson went and dug out an overnight staff’s car after it was stuck Friday night on her way into work on his own time. Charlie covered a callout Saturday morning and walked to work in a snowsuit to make sure that the program had adequate staffing.

From Ruth Griffin, Program Director:

I wanted to let you know that Eric and Michelle Gaudette plowed us out at Magnolia Terrace, seeing that we needed help. They are wonderful neighbors, always friendly, waving when they walk by and always willing to help. I visited Michelle and her daughter and dog briefly today to thank them, and her only response was “please feel free to call anytime you need anything.” Can't get better than that!

Thank you, Gaudette Family for helping Bridgewell during the storm!

We hope everyone stays safe and warm this weekend with the expected snow.

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