Bridgewell Thanks The Key Club at Lynn Classical High School for Their Volunteer Work

Published: June 9, 2011


For the past several years, Bridgewell has enjoyed a strong partnership with The Key Club at Lynn Classical High School.

The club is comprised of students who make volunteerism and community service a priority in their lives.  This school year was no exception as members of the club committed themselves to a variety of events held through Bridgewell’s Adult Education & Recreation Program throughout the year.

The volunteers assisted with dances including setting up, cleaning, preparing dinner and dessert and of course dancing and entertaining participants.

The Key Club members also volunteered at Bridgewell’s Annual Pancake Breakfast and were invaluable with cooking, serving, cleaning and socializing with attendees.

The above photo was taken on May 23 at Lynn Classical High School. The Key Club members pose with Bridgewell’s Recreation Coordinator Charlotte Alimenti (left) and Chief Operating Officer Kelly Johnson (right).

Bridgewell would like to thank all of the members of The Key Club for making a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve!

Congratulations to The Key Club’s Seniors, who graduated in 2011:

Anthony Tham

Nancy Figueroa

Cristina Freitas

Panayota Tzortzis

Elizabeth Lam

Samnang Oum

Julissa Orsatelliz

Sokheng Keo

Leonora Ngo

Sophana Chow

Melanie Adamopolous

Victoria Thomadis

Mina Healey

You Y Ou

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