Capture the Moment Photography Group

Published: February 14, 2012


Starting in 2011, the Lowell Adult Day Treatment (LADT) program has created a photography group where members use photography as a modality to express thoughts and feelings related to recovery from mental illness. The group consists of not only taking photographs, but also learning about the photo editing process. The goal is to print pictures the clients can present to each other and share components of their recovery process. The photographs are used to stimulate and fuel group discussion.

The Capture the Moment Photography Group gives clients the opportunity to express their creativity and personal recovery stories in a fun, expressive way that helps build relationships as they work together to share and edit their art. Areas such as happiness, joy, grief, depression, anxiety, peace and personal wellness are discussed within the context of each photograph. Certain themes help guide the group such as focusing on taking and capturing images the client considers beautiful, sad, exciting, successful, or accomplished. In this way, clients learn to identify feelings and put into words thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be acted out in maladaptive behaviors.

The photographs are taken largely within Lowell, but certain occasions allow for travel outside the Lowell area. The group also has the opportunity to use their photography for various purposes in and outside the context of the group such as to display at home, decorate the walls and waiting room of Bridgewell Counseling Services and Lowell Adult Day Treatment.

The photography group gives each member the opportunity to acknowledge and work towards recovery by building empowerment and accomplishment as they present, discuss, and display their art.

To learn more about LADT, click here. If you would like to donate a digital camera, contact Cari Palmer at 339.883.2157 or

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