Champion Award: Bill Terlecky, General Manager for the North Shore Navigators

Published: July 25, 2018


Bill was unanimously chosen as this year’s Champion Award winner because he exudes the spirit of a champion in everything he does. The award recognizes outstanding business partners of Bridgewell who help individuals with disabilities feel valued and appreciated as members of the workforce.

North Shore Navigators was one of Bridgewell’s first business partners and we have had the honor of working with Bill for the last seven seasons. Not only has Bill provided employment opportunities for more than 10 job seekers since 2011 but he has created a welcoming and friendly working environment for them.

Bill has always made sure that our workers know that their contributions are important and that they are a valued part of the Navigators’ team. Additionally, Bill has also come to Bridgewell’s Employment Support Program to be a speaker at our career day and has formed real and lasting relationships with his current and former employees, some of whom join me today on the field. Thank you Bill for all you do.

To recognize and applaud the outstanding Community Business Partners that make the Employment Supports Program possible, Bridgewell created the Champion Award in 2015. This award is presented annually to one community business partner to recognize their contribution to helping individuals with disabilities be valued and appreciated members of the workforce. Honorees are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Community Business Partner – Nominee must be an employee of a contracted Community Business Partner or an employee of a company where an individual from the Employment Program is placed in an individual job placement. Bridgewell employees are not eligible.
  • Goes Above and Beyond – Nominee displays the desire to do more then what is generally required in a role and makes a very visible difference in the life of a person or our services.
  • Creates an Inclusive Environment – Nominee understands the importance of involving an individual served in the workplace culture and other social aspects of the workplace.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Business Partner, or to learn more about Bridgewell’s Employment Support Program, please contact Ashley Smallwood at 339-883-1757 or

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