Charlotte Celebrates 50 Years at Bridgewell

Published: February 23, 2017


Charlotte Alimenti has worked at Bridgewell for 50 years! Congratulations, Charlotte!

Charlotte began her career in 1967, when Bridgewell was a much smaller organization. Charlotte took on everything from reception to bookkeeping to fundraising. She wrote agency newsletters and brochures and chaperoned individuals on vacations. She was integral to starting Camp Pinecrest and the Recreation Program—which she still oversees today.

Now in her role as Community Services Coordinator, her goal is the same today as it was many years ago—to bring opportunity, fun and a smile to the faces of the people we support. She knows everyone by name, their story, where they work and live but more importantly she knows that person, their likes and dislikes, what it takes to ensure they have a great experience.   There is no way to adequately summarize 50 years, but one thing is for certain – devotion, dedication and loyalty are the hallmarks of her career. For that, Bridgewell, and all those in our care, are extremely grateful.

Bridgewell will formally recognize her 50 year work anniversary at the Employee Recognition Night in May, but had a small celebration at the headquarters in January.

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