2014 Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Award Recipient

Published: July 1, 2014


Bridgewell is pleased to present the 2014 Rodger Hebert Quality of Care award to:

Nancy Marticio, Director of Day & Residential Services

This year, we received 13 essay nominations in support of 10 Bridgewell employees to be considered for the Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Award, also known as The Rodger Award. According to her nomination, Nancy sees everyone as “a human being, deserving of every level of dignity, respect, rights and a fulfilling and enriched life.”

Examples of her focusing on the Specific Needs of Individuals are rooted in her more than 26 years as a Bridgewell employee. Her “meticulous” review and consideration of referrals, particularly with regards to young adults with autism transitioning into adult supports, have had life-changing impact on those in both day and residential programs.

She “shines the light” on both staff and individuals alike. To quote the nominating staff member, “While it is easy to succumb to focus on what went wrong, Nancy is constantly aware of and highlighting whet went well and what worked.”

And finally, with respect to Going Above & Beyond, this year’s recipient exemplifies an unprecedented dedication and commitment to her work that has literally changed lives. Her leadership on all autism-fronts, including the development and planned expansion of Rosewood Day Hab, and the continued development of residential programs for young adults with autism, has positioned Bridgewell as a leader in these emerging and specialized services. Nancy’s thoughtful approach to her work and true commitment to Bridgewell is inspirational.

Congratulations, Nancy! Thank you for your dedication to the individuals we serve!

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