COVID-19 Donations – Thank you!

Published: April 17, 2020


Bridgewell is quite grateful to have received in-kind donations ranging from face shields and masks to food.  

Alene Candles in Milford, NH revamped their factory to make face shields instead of candles. Director of Residential Services Jess was able to secure a generous donation of 1,000 face shields which she picked up on Wednesday from their facility and delivered to various Bridgewell programs in need. 

The Doug Flutie Foundation donated 50 face shields for our residential homes and Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change donated face shields for those medically fragile clients living at home or with elderly caregiversPersonal protective equipment is essential for the people and staff in our programs and the families we supportThank you, Alene Candles, Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation, and Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change. 

Community members have also contributed to the causeProgram Director Becky posted on Facebook that she was in need of cloth masks and her friend Brittany made not only the eight masks that were being requested but TWENTY masks! Jane, a friend of Beverly who is our Director of Recovery and Housingcreated a dozen cloth masks as well. Thank you, Brittany and Jane. 

Program Director Bob and the residents in his community home wanted to contribute. They received a generous donation of material from Ocean State Job Lot and put out the call to staff for sewing machinesProgram Director Crystal donated machines to the effort. Bob’s program is working hard on making cloth masks and they have enough material to make 450-500 masks for the community. Thank you, Bob and your crew. 

Donations of food really make a difference. We’ve received 94 cases of homemade soup from Kettle Cuisine in Lynn, MA. This is being distributed to our programs in the Lynn area including our Recuperative Care Center and our Women’s Program, Johnson Street. Thank you, Kettle Cuisine. 

Thank you to all who have made in-kind gifts – we are truly thankful for the generous support during these times when supplies are in high demand. 

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