Horticulture Therapy to Help Clients Promote Optimism, Confidence and Self-Worth

Published: November 21, 2011


Horticultural therapy utilizes plants and plant-related mediums to enhance or rehabilitate the physical, social and emotional well-being of people experiencing mental illness. Bridgewell Counseling Services is currently hosting a horticulture psychotherapy group facilitated by Bridgewell’s Bilingual and Bicultural Psychotherapist Noemi Breneman, LMHC.

Right: Yogurt Cups Recycled as Cradles for a Nursery of Baby Cilantro Plants

This Spanish-speaking therapy group explores themes of individual growth, self-nurturing and personal recovery, while bringing awareness to the physical world and the ideas of eco-psychology. By nurturing plants and developing an awareness of the environment, clients are then able to give back these newly found skills and renewed energy to their families and community.

Horticulture therapy helps clients manage negative emotions and channel them through a constructive activity that promotes optimism, confidence and self-worth.

Channeling negative and creative energy into horticulture not only relieves anxiety, but also fosters growth and imagination. If a mistake is made, nature teaches how to avoid repeating it, because the life cycle of plants provides us with hope of life renewed and a chance to begin again.

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