Intern Spotlight: Taylor Faieta

Published: June 23, 2015


Psychology Major
Concentration in Developmental Psychology
Curry College

“The variety of experience I receive from this internship is very valuable, since I’m not sure of what field of psychology I want to go into yet. I am a very quick learner, but it helped that my supervisors were amazing teachers and guides. My supervisors in the Quality Assurance Department challenged me every week with new projects from standard incident report data entry to contacting program directors about plans of improvement, to recording medication plans for the individuals. I love the unpredictability of this job; I never know what kind of project I am going to get.

In just a few months at Bridgewell, I have developed administrative and professional skills that will give me an advantage when applying for jobs when I graduate. I have also met and heard about many inspiring employees whose legacies teach me about the possible fields I could go into. Working at the main office gives me the opportunity to see the whole agency from a variety of perspectives, and thus get a feel for what career path I want to choose.”

This summer, Bridgewell has more than 20 interns. The Department of Developmental Services awarded a Urban Youth Collaborative Program Grant to Bridgewell, which provides opportunities for students and recent graduates to learn about the field of disabilities. Through internships in day programs, residences and related administrative functions at Bridgewell in facilities north of Boston, students learn about providing supports to people with life challenges and disabilities and are able to actively contribute to the day to day supports provided. It is our goal that students not only have a fulfilling summer internship, but that they will consider working as a part time or full time Bridgewell staff at the end of their internship, or consider additional college education in this field.

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