Lynnway Safety Committee Inspects New Space

Published: July 13, 2017


Bridgewell’s Lynnway Day Habilitation Center is moving to Danvers later this month!

The Lynnway Safety Committee took a trip to the new space to conduct a safety inspection. The Committee made sure electrical sockets are covered, stocked first aid and emergency kits were in all the rooms, and fire extinguishers are current and clearly marked. The group also practiced fire drills, and one member put Braille labels on the first aid kits, trailed the walls to make sure no obstacles were present for the visually impaired participants. The space is safe, and everyone is excited to move in!

Watch the video below:

A shout out to the Lynnway’s Safety Officer and Developmental Specialist Molli Marshall for her hard work on the video! 

Video features: Chuck, Joselyne, Erin, Anne, Kent, Steven, Marta, Paul, and Walter, who all attend the Lynnway program and are members of its Safety Committee.    

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