Memorial Gift in Honor of Lyria Ramos

Published: July 25, 2013


Lyria - Memorial Tree - 2Last year, Bridgewell lost a special member of our community, Lyria Ramos.

Lyria is well-remembered by the staff of Bridgewell and Coolidge Road for her karaoke signing and fun personality. Lyria was just magical. Her courage and spirit left our staff and her housemates inspired and so full of hope.

Pictured: In her memory, staff and residents planted a tree in the backyard of her home on Coolidge Road.

Her representative payee and brother, Barton Ramos, donated the remainder of her bank accounts to Bridgewell in Lyria’s name. A donation of $6,900 was made toward the annual appeal.

To make a donation in someone’s honor or memory, click here. There are options to dedicate the gift within the donation page.

Lyria - Memorial Tree

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