Mental Health Advocacy Alert: We Need Your Help

Published: January 24, 2024


Action Alert: We Need Your Help

Through the support of the Association for Behavioral Healthcare, Bridgewell needs your help!

Advocates have been working hard to pass legislation in Massachusetts (S. 760/ H. 2006) to increase reimbursement rates to mental health clinics. These bills are before the legislature’s Health Care Finance Committee and its Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery Committee. The Mental Health Substance Use and Recovery Committee must act on H. 2006 by February 7th.

We need YOU to contact your state legislators to ask for their help to pass these bills out of committee. Even if you have emailed your legislators already, please do so again as we face this deadline.

Please take action today:


Fund Clinics Fairly Bill: The Road So Far

Thousands of vulnerable children, families and adults continue to wait months to access basic mental health treatment services. Reimbursement rates for mental health clinics fall far short to ensure access to help and to recruit and retain the clinicians needed to meet current needs.  The Association of Behavioral Healthcare filed S. 760/ H. 2006 to provide additional funding for mental health clinics.




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