Northeast Region DDS Evening of Recognition

Published: May 23, 2019

Walter with Liz & Molli


Walter, who attends Bridgewell’s Roseway Day Program, recently received a Northeast Region Department of Developmental Services Award for exemplifying contributions to community and others. Molli Marshall, Roseway Program Director, submitted the below nomination on his behalf:

Walter is a gentleman who I have had the privilege to work with over the last 3 years. Walter has shown over these years that he is reliable, trustworthy, respectful and an overall great citizen to his community of Lynn and to the Roseway Day Program. Walter is a great role model for his peers at the Roseway and will always go above and beyond to help others in need. Walter can be seen every morning holding the door for all his peers at the Roseway. Rain or shine Walter is holding the door waiting for all his peers with a massive smile on his face.

Walter is someone who leads by example, his pride for the Roseway program as well as his community in Lynn is overflowing. Walter attends every Thanksgiving Lynn Classical football game and cheers on his alma mater. He also goes above and beyond for every event or activity at the Roseway. On fancy Fridays, he sports a full suit and with perfectly shined shoes. He offered this year to dress as Santa Claus for our holiday party and was able to make the party extra special for everyone! Walter has proven his dependability with having a year of perfect attendance. He shows up to program every day with a fantastic attitude ready to learn.

During groups and throughout the day Walter participates to his fullest and always trying to better himself and his peers. He is able to be an advocate for himself and others throughout program. Whenever his friends are down, he is always trying to put a smile on their faces. He notifies staff of any issues and is part of the Roseway safety committee who are dedicated to keeping the program a safe place for all. Walter is truly the epitome of a great citizen. He is someone who is dependable, respectful and passionate about his community at home as well as at program.

Additionally, Bridgewell wants to recognize Molli for making the Evening of Recognition such a special night. Molli and Bridgewell staff Sarah Hames arranged to take the program van and go pick Walter and his sister Linda Echevarria up at their Lynn residence. Molli dressed up as chauffeur extraordinaire, even rolling out the red carpet for Walter, while Sarah acted as the paparazzi!

Once Walter’s chariot arrived at the Ferncroft Country Club in Middleton, Molli and Sarah again rolled out the red carpet so that Walter and his sister could have their grand entrance. Walter was greeted by Bridgewell Clinical Director of Day Services Erica Forte and Day Services Supervisor Liz Dollard and partook in a red carpet photo shoot! From start to finish, it was a great night to celebrate an incredible man!

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