Program Director Sarah LePoer Receives Gunnar Dybwad Supporter Award

Published: October 23, 2017


On Saturday October 14 at the MA Advocates Standing Strong Annual Conference held in Marlboro, Sarah LePoer was awarded the Gunnar Dybwad Supporter Award for the Northeast Region. 

The Gunnar Dybwad Supporter Award is presented to a support staff who assists self-advocates in all aspects of the self-advocacy movement.  The supporter is a mentor, an exceptional listener, assists self-advocates in taking action on issues, and is always available to support self-advocates. Sarah was chosen by the regional self-advocates among many very deserving nominees. 

Brian Corbett and Skip Marshall, two members of Bridgewell’s local self-advocacy group Bridgewell Advocates and active members of the Northeast Regional MASS group nominated Sarah for this prestigious award.

When asked how Sarah helped you better understand self-advocacy, Brian said, “Sarah makes sure I have transportation to meetings and explains things to me that I don’t understand.  When I hit a roadblock, Sarah introduces alternatives so I can continue to be more independent.”

“Sarah has been here for me for as long as I can remember,” said Skip. “She got me active in self-advocacy about 7 years ago.  Recently, Sarah made sure I had everything I needed to safely return home after being hospitalized for 5 months. She never gave up on me and helped me advocate for myself.”

Congratulations Sarah and thank you for all the outstanding support you provide to self-advocates at Bridgewell and beyond every day!

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